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Secure payment

Our website is secured byTrustWAVE - a world leader in internet security - which means you can conduct secure online transactions with confidence. When creating your account and making payments you can be assured that confidential information and transactions cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered.

You will notice the address on your browser is: 
To improve security and your privacy we have increased the secury settings on our site to ensure that is is SECURE AT ALL TIMES! ThE 'https'' at the beginning of the web address confirms that the site is secure and no information you enter whilst on our site can be viewed, intercepted or altered. 

2. A padlock appears on the bar at the top or bottom of the screen in most browsers to indicate that your connection with this website is definintely secure.

Credit Card Processing:
Your credit card details are encrypted and can only be accessed by our website administrator. Please note: Credit Cards payments are not automatically processed at the time of placing your order. Your card is only debited when your invoice is finalized and goods are in stock, ready to be dispatched.

International Credit Card Processing: 
All prices displayed are constant in Australian Dollars. The Currency Conversion facility is installed for the convenience of International shoppers to view these prices in their chosen currency but it is a rough guide only. Although this table is updated daily there may still be some variation depending on the conversion rate at the time of processing. To avoid confusion, the checkout process is in Australian Dollars only and the total amount charged at the time of processing and dispatch is always in Australian dollars.